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Makgeolli contains plenty of anticancer agents squalene
SEPTEMBER 04, 2014 06:14  
It is scientifically confirmed for the first time that Makgeolli, Korean rice wine, has anti-cancer and anti-tumor compound squalene, which prevents onset and development of cancer. Squalene is mostly found liver of deep-sea sharks. Squalene-based supplements are quite popular in the market.

Research team led by Dr. Ha Jae-ho at the Food Analysis Center of Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI) announced on Wednesday, 밨ecent research found that Makgeolli selling in the domestic market contains squalene, which is 50 up to 200 times of that of beer or wine.

The research team found that the domestic Makgeolli contains 1260∼4560μg of squalene (Unit: microgram- 1μg is one millionth of a gram) per kg. This is 50 to 200 times higher than that of beer (30∼60μg per kg) and wine (10∼60μg per kg).

Researchers estimated that the yeast used to manufacture Makgeolli produces squalene. In the previous studies in 2011, the team found that anti-cancer compound farnesol is contained in Makgeolli. Dr. Ha said, 밃s most of squalene or farnesol contents are down with deposits at the bottom of bottle. It is better to shake Makgeolli bottle before drinking.

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