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A Korean drama sold to China at a record high of $3.2 million
SEPTEMBER 03, 2014 07:29  
밠y Lovely Girl, a new Korean television series to be aired by SBS, a major broadcasting network, on Sep. 17, has been sold at the record price of 200,000 US dollars per episode.

SBS said on Tuesday that it signed a copyright contract over the series with Youku Tudou, China`s largest video hosting website. The series has 16 episodes and the total price is up to 3.2 billion won (3.2 million dollars). 밊ated to Love You, an MBC series starring actor Jang Hyuk and actress Jang Na-ra, and 밒t뭩 Okay. That뭩 Love, an SBS series starring actor Jo In-seong and actress Gong Hyo-jin, had been sold to China at the highest price of 120,000 dollars per episode.

Rain returns to acting with 밠y Lovely Girl in four years. He grew popular in China with 밊ull House with actress Song Hye-kyo. The highest price tag was also attributable to Crystal of F(x), a K-pop girl group popular in Chinese-speaking countries, appearing in the series.

밠y Lovely Girl is a romantic fiction describing the dreams and love of young people in K-pop. Internet users said, 밨ain takes a big one, and 밒t뭩 a big money. No more slapdash last-minute script.

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