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NPAD re-proposes a third-party negotiating body
SEPTEMBER 03, 2014 07:29  
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy party has urged the ruling Saenuri party to form a three-party negotiating body involving both ruling and opposition parties and the families of the Sewol ferry victims on Tuesday. By doing so, the NPAD intends to play a central role in negotiations as the third meeting between the ruling party and the representatives of the families ended up in vain on Monday.

Rep. Kim Young-rok, NPAD뭩 senior deputy floor leader, said in a radio program, 밄oth ruling and opposition parties and the representatives of the families should create a three-party negotiating body and address the issue at an organization mediated by social leaders including religious leaders. Park Soo-hyun, the party뭩 spokesperson, said in a briefing, 밡ow, we urge once again to accept the three-party body where the representatives of the families and both ruling and opposition parties can put their heads together to find a solution. The party also plans to resume talks between the floor leaders of both parties through the mediation of Rep. Chung Ui-hwa, speaker of the National Assembly, and develop discussions.

NPAD뭩 Secretary-General Cho Jeong-sik said, 밫he deal (on the Sewol ferry bill) must be struck before Chuseok. The party leadership is concerned that a prolonged political deadlock would hamper the reconstruction of the party reeling from the defeat in the July 30 by-elections.

The ruling party showed a negative response to the opposition party뭩 proposal on a third-party body. Rep. Lee Wan-gu, the ruling party뭩 floor leader, said in a party meeting, 밯e never change the idea that we뭠l address this problem with the bereaved families. I will meet (NPAD뭩) Floor Leader Park Young-sun on Wednesday or Thursday.

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