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Vegetable prices jump ahead of Chuseok
SEPTEMBER 01, 2014 05:54  
The late monsoon in August is driving up vegetable prices in the run-up to the Chuseok holidays.

According to the distribution industry on Sunday, the average wholesale price of 4 kilograms of spinach saw a 46 percent increase month-on-month between Aug. 1 and Aug. 29 at 20.17 dollars at Garak Agricultural Market in southern Seoul.

During the same period, prices of sesame leaves (100 leaves) surged by 67 percent from 13,799 won (13.61 U.S. dollars) in July to 23,043 won (22.72 dollars) in August. Prices of 10 kilograms of green peppers soared by 34.4 percent from 32,604 won (32.15 dollars) to 43,828 won (43.22 dollars) while 4 kilograms of young radishes went up 14.3 percent from 5,774 won (5.69 dollars) to 6,597 won (6.51 dollars).

Chinese cabbage prices by 10-kilogram lots, which had plunged due to oversupply stemming from the warm weather, climbed 5.7 percent from 5,893 won (5.81 dollars) in July to 6,230 won (6.14 dollars) in August, as Chinese cabbage yield reduced from heavy rain. An industry official said, "Due to the delayed monsoon, Chinese cabbage for Korean kimjang (making of kimchi) will be shipped to the market one or two weeks later than usual, which could lead to higher prices of Chinese cabbages as well.

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