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Seoul Performing Arts Festival to showcase 21 performances
AUGUST 27, 2014 01:44  
The Seoul Performing Arts Festival, which provides visitors with a wide variety of world-class plays and dance performances at a single event, will take place at Arko Arts Theater and Daehangno Arts Theater in Seoul뭩 Jongno district from Sept. 25 to Oct. 19.

The 14th arts festival is held under the theme 밪ense the Essence and will showcase 21 plays and dance performances, 11 Korean works and 10 from overseas. Some 19 performing arts groups will come from seven countries, including Korea, Germany, Belgium and Russia.

The event뭩 opener 밫he Yellow Wallpaper (Sept. 25-27) is an experimental play, which is produced by Berlin-based Schaubuehne Theater and directed by Katie Mitchell. The play is based on a short story with the same title, written by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Using a technique in which images of actors and actresses recorded by the camera is projected on the onstage screen, the play expresses women뭩 suppressed sense of identity and pain. 밪un, the latest release from Israeli-born choreographer Hofesh Shechter, will be performed on Oct. 8 and 9.

Korean arts performances will include 밯hy Shimcheong (daughter of a blind man) jumped into Indangsu water (as sacrifice) twice (Sept. 26-28) directed by Oh Tae-seok, and 밫he Memoir of Komachi directed by Lee Yoon-taek (Sept. 29-Oct. 2). Lee recreated in Korean style 밫he Memoir of Komachi, a flagship work from early years of the Japanese playwright Ota Shogo. More information on the event is available at SPAF website at www.spaf.or.kr.

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