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Hate Practice
Pres. Park proposes open channels of dialogue to N. Korea
AUGUST 20, 2014 04:33  
President Park Geun-hye said in a Cabinet meeting at the presidential office on Tuesday, 밯e need to start from small one and take step by step to build trust between the two Koreas and walk the path towards unification. I am looking forward to positive feedback from the North.

President Park asked Pyongyang to create channels connecting the two Koreas in the environment, people뭩 livelihood, and culture, in her Aug. 15 speech, marking Korea뭩 Liberation Day, saying, 밚et us jointly prepare cultural projects to commemorate next year뭩 70th anniversary of liberation.

North Korea immediately criticized that there is no actual solution to the inter-Korean relationship. It has not given an answer to an inter-Korean high-level meeting proposed on last Monday. Since President Park said that she would open the door to a dialogue, however, whether Pyongyang would answer positively or not remains to be seen.

밫he continued military procurement corruption scandals and accidents involving soldiers could shake the foundation of the military and the nation, the president said. 밫he reform of military culture and practices should be tackled strongly and consistently in the context of national security.

Regarding the Ulchi Freedom Guardian, a Korea-U.S. joint military exercise, which lasts until Thursday, President Park stressed that the national crisis management should not only about security risk but also about various disasters and large accidents.

The president thinks that South Korea뭩 security is threatened by North Korea뭩 continued provocation as represented by its unmanned planes, crossing the Northern Limited Line with firing, and the launch of missiles and artillery shells, and tensions escalating in Northeast Asia over history and territorial issues.

밫he bill for the overhaul of government organizations for safety is pending in the National Assembly, which is delaying the handling of the safety-related issues, President Park said. 밫he government expects the National Assembly to pass as soon as possible the revised government organization bill that creates the National Safety Ministry and strengthens the functions that used to be performed by the National Emergency Management Agency and the Korean Coast Guard.

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