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North Korea뭩 lame excuse on missile launch date
AUGUST 16, 2014 02:10  
밐ow come the pontiff chose the date out of all the days in 12 months a year....

North Korea made a lame excuse on why it fired five missiles of the new KN-09 multiple rocket launcher on Thursday morning, which was immediately before arrival of the pontiff Francis to South Korea. On Friday, North Korean Central News Agency published an article written by the rocket research director of the 2nd Natural Science Institute that leads development of North Korean missiles and shifted blame to South Korea by saying 밯e (North Korea) fired new strategic rockets as scheduled according to the normal plan and South Korea invited the pope on that day.

The article emphasized, 밪outh Korean puppet regime behaved foolishly to link the rocket launch with the Roman pope뭩 visit to South Korea. It means that the pope visited South Korea on the specific day that North Korea planned to launch missiles a long time ago. However, the pope뭩 visit schedule was made public to the world on March 10, five months before the visit.

Korean Workers` Party Deputy Director Kang Sok Ju told Japanese Councilor Inoki Antonio during his visit to North Korea last month, 밊iring missiles is a counteraction to South Korea-U.S. military drills. A South Korean government source said, 밡orth Korea seems troubled as its stick-and-carrot strategy does not work well. Probably it will heighten the tension level through missile launch or similar acts whenever there is a major event on the Korean peninsula.

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