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New York and Paris in classic films
AUGUST 16, 2014 02:57  
New York and Paris are two of the world`s most famous and admired cities. Therefore, there are countless movies against the backdrop of the two cities. Among foreign movies shown in Korea, many of their original or translated titles include New York and Paris, including "A Man from New York, A Woman from Paris" (original title is "2 Days in Paris").

"Film New York, Film Paris" is a book on movies shot in the two cities. Introducing 44 films related to New York and 46 to Paris, it focuses on impressive locations. For example, the book discusses a jewelry shop on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan where Audrey Hepburn donned in a black party dress and sunglasses have a bite of bread and sighed in "Breakfast in Tiffany" (1961).

There are various books on cities in movies, but this book is unique in that it is authored by a film critic. It has also detailed information that is not widely known regarding films. The French film "The Lovers on the Bridge" (1991) was shot on a set because the bridge, the Pont-Neuf, was under reconstruction and some actors were injured. In "Annie Hall" (1977), the shaking house under a roller-coaster in the protagonist Alvy Singer`s childhood was not included in the original script but later inserted after director Woody Allen incidentally found it. However, the book is not an easy read probably because of the translationese sentences.

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