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Hate Practice
NYT carries an editorial on conscript Yoon뭩 death
AUGUST 15, 2014 03:40  
American mainstream media New York Times pointed out that the Korean Army needs a fundamental change in its culture regarding the abuse death of "Private First Class Yoon" in the 28 Division of Korean Army. It is unprecedented for NYT to point out issues of the foreign army.

The editorial, under the title of "More Shame in South Korea" on Thursday, analyzed 뱓he soldier뭩 (Private First Class Yoon뭩) death is another blow to South Korean morale. The editorial depicted in detail the brutal abuse by other soldiers and the circumstances at the moment of his death. NYT also reported that the Korean Army tried to cover up Yoon뭩 death in April but media reports and civic group뭩 exposure revealed the truth.

The editorial argued, 밫he case of Private Yoon shows how the army뭩 brutality far exceeds public tolerance, as well as demonstrating the need for a fundamental change in its culture.

NYT has pointed out the issues of foreign armies once or twice a year. The editorial on Dec. 4 in 2009 mentioned the harsh reality of the Afghanistan army and another editorial on March 7 in 2010 pointed out the Turkish Army뭩 political intervention and called for its reform.

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