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Hate Practice
Young N. Korean defectors visit former comfort women
AUGUST 13, 2014 05:49  
It뭩 like a prison. How scared they would have been.

Kim Yoo-jin (pseudonym), a 23-year-old North Korean defector who came to South Korea this year, said after she visited a five square-meter room on Tuesday. The room was created like a military brothel for Japanese soldiers under the colonial rule and located at the museum located in the House of Sharing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, where 10 former comfort women live. There were some 20 letters sent from the world in the room, which was made based on the women뭩 testimonies. Kim and her friends seriously read the postcards on the bed one by one.

Ten young North Korean defectors who recently arrived in Korea met former comfort women at the House of Sharing, the living witnesses of the Korean history around the country뭩 independence. The Security Department of Gangnam Police Station in Seoul hosted the event to help them learn history and increase their identity as a Korean and to remind them of the meaning of Independence Day. North Korean defectors bowed to former comfort women -- Kim Gun-ja, 88, Jeong Bok-soo, 88, Yoo Hee-nam, 85 and Kim Oi-han (80). They held the young people뭩 hands, saying, 밐ow tough your journey to the South would have been.

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