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Hate Practice
Rep. Park confesses mental agony in Twitter post
AUGUST 13, 2014 05:08  
91st day, 92nd day, 93rd day, and 94th day Skies are blue despite storm. Rainbow is over the sky as well. On the 95th day, as Ipchu (the first day of autumn, one of the 24 seasonal divisions) has passed, I feel signs of autumn.

This is what Park Young-sun, acting leader of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), wrote in its Twitter post late Monday night. She apparently confessed her mental suffering over the party뭩 decision to hold 뱑enegotiation over the Special Sewol Act at a general meeting of its lawmakers. An aide to Park said, 밒 understand that she expressed mental pain she has had thus far, and a sense of limbo.

The figures represent the number of days since she assumed the floor leader post. Park was elected as the NPAD뭩 floor leader on May 8. On Thursday last week, the 91st day after taking the job, she reached agreement on the Special Sewol Act with floor leader Lee Han-koo of the ruling Saenuri Party. She tried to persuade hardliners in her party and bereaved families of victims in the Sewol sinking through Sunday, the 94th day, only to face strong resistance, and had the agreement rejected by her party at a general meeting of its lawmakers on Monday, the 95th day.

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