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S. Korea eyes Israel`s Iron Dome missile defense system
AUGUST 12, 2014 05:20  
Korea is interested in buying Israel`s Iron Dome anti-missile system, which showed high success rate in the Israel-Palestine War, said its manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Israel`s Haaretz newspaper reported that Rafael CEO Yedidia Yaari had an interview with Army Radio operated by the Israeli Defense Forces on Sunday. He said during the interview, 밫he system뭩 performance had fuelled foreign interest in it, including by South Korea, which is in an armed standoff with North Korea.

(South Korea) is very worried not only about rockets, but other things as well ... You can certainly include them in the club of interested countries, Yaari told the Army Radio. He also said that Rafael representatives had visited Seoul to promote Iron Dome but he did not give details on how advanced such a deal with South Korea may be.

Iron Dome, developed as a short and mid range anti-missile system, has been deployed in the Israel-Palestine borders since 2011. Iron Dome scored 90 percent of high success rate in shooting down Palestinian rockets in the air to protect major Israeli cities including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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