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멢oaring Currents poised to top 10 million viewers on Sunday
AUGUST 09, 2014 01:39  
The movie 밨oaring Currents is poised to top 10 million in box office sales on Sunday, 12th day after its release. This represents nine days shorter than the record set by 밫he Host (Goemul), which hit the mark in the shortest period of time (21 days in 2006) in the history of Korean movies.

According to CJ Entertainment, the movie뭩 investor and distributor, "Roaring Currents" addressing Admiral Yi Soon-shin뭩 naval battle of Myeongryang against invading Japanese troops in the 16th century, topped 8 million as of Friday, 10th days after the movie뭩 release. Since the movie ranks atop in box office reservations for this weekend, the movie is likely continue its strides for the time being. The movie industry predicts, 밒f this trend continues to hold, the movie could top 15 million tickets in box office sales. The previous No. 1 movie in box office sales was 밃vatar (2009), which attracted 13.62 million viewers in Korea. Among the Korean movies, "the Host" ranks No. 1 by drawing 13.02 million.

"Roaring Currents" is reportedly gaining popularity among all different generations, while those in 40s are most acclaiming for the movie. According to data on ticket reservations by CGV, a leading multiplex theater operator, moviegoers in their 40s accounted for 32 percent of reservations, exceeding those in their 20s (29 percent), and those in their 30s (29 percent), who traditionally comprise majority of the moviegoers in Korea.

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