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Ford Korea set to official launch of its two hybrid models
AUGUST 08, 2014 00:25  
Ford Sales Service Korea will officially roll out midsize vehicles of Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid in the mid September. For the first time in Korea, Ford Korea admitted the overstatement of gas mileage (fuel efficiency) of these vehicles and lowered the official gas mileage marks by 7.7 percent for the Fusion Hybrid and by 6.7 percent for the MKZ Hybrid from the existing figures reported. The company has made compensation for the consumers.

An official of Ford Sales Service Korea said on Thursday, 밯e reported the revised gas mileage statements to Korea Energy Management Corporation last month. The official gas mileage marks have been lowered from 19.4 km/l to 17.9 km/l for the Fusion Hybrid, and from 18.0 km/l to 16.8 km/l for the MKZ Hybrid.

The gas mileage of the Fusion Hybrid ranks third among new cars rolled out in Korean this year. The New Mini Diesel (19.4 km/l) tops the list, followed by the Lexus CT200h hybrid (18.1 km/l). But the Ford Fusion Hybrid ranks first among midsize vehicles and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid has better gas mileage than its competitors of Toyota Camry Hybrid and Lexus ES300h, both of which the gas mileage is 16.4 km/l.

As Ford Motor Co. made an announcement of lowering the gas mileage marks of six vehicles including the Fusion Hybrid, MKZ Hybrid, Fiesta, and C-Max Hybrid, Ford Sales Service Korea said that it would make compensation of 1.5 million won (about 1,446 U.S. dollars) for each of nine Fusion Hybrid vehicles and 2.7 million won (2,604 dollars) for each of 21 MKZ Hybrid vehicles that were sold mainly by dealers.

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