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A hit movie boosts sales of books on Adm. Yi Sun-shin
AUGUST 06, 2014 04:19  
A box office hit 밨oaring Currents is spurring the sales of books on a 16-century admiral.

Kyobo Book Center, Korea뭩 largest bookstore, said the number of books sold on Admiral Yi Sun-shin reached 1,705, up by 54 percent from a year ago (1,102 books). Given that the movie was first released on July 30 and is setting a new record every day, a surge in demand for Admiral Yi has just started.

Bookstores have as many as 150 sorts of books related to the admiral such as 밄ut There Was Yi Sun-shin, 밳i Sun-shin뭩 Empire, 밃 War Diary, 밆oing One뭩 Best with Sincerity, and 밳i Sun-shin뭩 Leadership. According to Kyobo Book Center, Kim Hoon뭩 밪ong of the Sword was sold most with about 700 copies sold between July 1 and Aug. 5. 밯e sold some 100 copies per day early last month but more than 700 copies on Aug. 4, which shows a surge in sales, said editor-in-chief Yeom Hyeon-sook of Munhakdongne, the bestseller뭩 publisher. 밚ike the movie 멢oaring Currents, people seem to like 멣ong of the Sword because it describes Admiral Yi뭩 agony in depth.

The second bestseller is 밒, Yi Sun-shin, Am Ready Now, which is about Admiral Yi뭩 leadership and sold more than 500 copies. Author Kim Jong-dae, a former chief justice at the Constitutional Court, tied Admiral Yi뭩 leadership with what he felt for some 30 years serving as a judge in the book.

The third most selling book is 밄ut There Was Yi Sun-Shin authored by Kim Tae-hoon who compared war history of all ages and countries with Admiral Yi뭩 maritime war. The book seems to have captured those who were captivated by epic naval combat scenes in the latter part of the movie. In addition, 밆oing One뭩 Best with Sincerity (authored by Park Jong-pyeong) and 밳i Sun-shin뭩 Leadership (authored by Roh Seung-deok) were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. The former describes why Admiral Yi뭩 value is still valid today and the latter analyzes Yi뭩 character based on the five virtues of Confucianism.

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