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IBK CEO unveils vision of global top 100 bank within 2 Years
AUGUST 02, 2014 04:13  
Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) announces its vision to become a 밎lobal Top 100 Bank by 2016.

IBK CEO Kwon Seon-joo said on Friday in the ceremony of IBK뭩 53rd anniversary, 밒BK will become a 밎lobal 100 Bank by 2016 by accumulating a total asset of 260 trillion won (about 25 billion U.S. dollars), lending 125 trillion won (12.04 billion dollars) of loan to small- and medium-sized enterprises, and attracting 1.3 million SME customers. Kwon also mentioned, 밯e need to be prepared for the time of unification as Germany`s development bank KfW played a great role in the unification of Germany, adding, 밬nification will give us the opportunity for overseas expansion without crossing the sea.

IBK unveiled the brand of 밒BK life-time design to go into the retirement financial market and formed an organization of 뱇ife-time design planner with 220 experts in retirement design. They will be allocated to IBK branches across the nation to support customized programs such as introduction to financial products, medical examination, and training/education in re-employment and foundation of businesses.

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