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Art material collector donates lifelong collection to museum
JULY 31, 2014 07:09  
Kim Dal-jin, director of the Kim Dal-jin Art Research and Consulting, plans to donate his lifelong collection of some 20,000 pieces of art materials to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Kim signed an agreement with the museum on Wednesday to donate his art collection in stages. His collection has been kept at the Korea Art Archives, which Kim has operated with government support. As a cutoff of government funding will lead to the archives` closure, Kim decided to donate his collection to the museum. The collection includes a 1926 elementary school art textbook published by the office of the Governor-General of Korea during Japan`s colonial rule of Korea, the initial edition (September 1956) of Shin Misul (New Arts), Korea`s first arts monthly magazine, and other books, magazines, academic theses and pamphlets regarding Korea`s modern and contemporary art.

Starting out as an amateur collector who gathered magazine pictures as a high school student, Kim served at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Gana Art Gallery, before opening the Kim Dal-jin Art Research and Consulting in 2001, his own art material museum in 2008 and an art information center in 2010, playing a leading role in the systemic collection and research of art history materials.

He said that his hard-collected materials will be helpful to many other people.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art plans to classify the donated materials and make them public through the digital information center at its Seoul branch.

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