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SK`s mobile messenger, app gain huge popularity overseas
JULY 30, 2014 07:01  
A mobile messenger and a smartphone application developed by SK Group affiliates are gaining popularity in Middle East and Central American countries. Tik Tok, a mobile messenger created by SK Planet, saw the number of its users surpass 3.3 million Tuesday in Turkey after opening the service there nine months earlier. The number of users is also increasing in other countries such as Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

A source at SK Planet said, "Since Turkey is a hub country for southern and eastern Europe and the Middle East, Tik Tok is fast spreading to surrounding countries," adding, "It is popular among younger people as the service is linked with local portal sites while allows people to easily upload photos and document files." SK Planet is considering plans to add Arabic and German language versions to Tik Tok soon, since many Turkish and Middle Eastern people reside in German speaking European countries, such as Germany and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Cymera, a smartphone application developed by SK Communications, has seen more than 100 million downloads in 28 months since it was developed. A photo-editing app, Cymera reached 15 million in cumulative downloads in Brazil alone. The app has been downloaded 5 million times in the U.S., China and Thailand, respectively.

SK Communications expects the number of users to increase in the North American region when it introduces the app for Apple`s iOS platform. It has seen more than 100 million downloads already in its Android OS app. An SK Communications official said, "Korean semiconductors, petrochemicals and ICT systems have been internationally recognized, but it is the first time for a popular ICT service to win such a positive response overseas."

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