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Hate Practice
National Police Agency head to take stern action against mis-cooperation with prosecutors
JULY 29, 2014 06:45  
Police and prosecutors that failed in cooperation in serial cases in investigation of the late former Semo Group Chairman Yoo Byeog-eon have launched an internal check, though belatedly. At a video conference call with police leadership joined by nationwide policy agency heads and police superintendents, General Lee Seong-han of the Korea National Police Agency said he will ask for responsibility if investigation agencies fail to cooperate in pursuit of public accomplishments.

This is a public warning by police leadership on recent conflicts between police and prosecutors. Lee said, "The incumbent government`s policy is to break silos between government agencies," adding, "Please proceed with investigation by actively cooperating with prosecutors." Police failed to share information on Yoo`s dead body, raising disputes of miscommunication between police and prosecutors.

Prosecutors are also strengthening cooperation with police. Since Sunday, prosecutors have allowed relevant police officers such as head of Incheon Regional Police regional investigation unit to attend a briefing session related to Yoo Dae-kyun investigation held at Incheon Prosecutors Office. Prosecutors also face criticism on missing the opportunity to arrest Yoo Byung-eun while alive when they made a surprise attack on a villa in Suncheon City in South Jeolla Province without accompanying police. Both police and prosecutors are examining introducing a joint spokesman system by which a single media channel is operated for the Sewol case.

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