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Appellate court reduces prison sentence of former NIS chief
JULY 23, 2014 04:06  
Won Se-hoon, former chief of the National Intelligence Service has seen his prison term reduced to 14 months at appellate court trial. He was indicted for taking bribes worth over hundreds of thousands of dollars from a builder in return for giving favor in construction projects.

The Criminal Case Court 3 at the Seoul High Court handed on Tuesday Won 14 months in prison and a fine of 100,840,000 won (98,380 U.S. dollars), down from 24 months and a fine of 162,750,000 won (158,780 dollars) that he was given by a lower court. Won had been indicted and arrested for taking bribes under the Act for Heavier Punishment for Special Crimes. This ruling pertains to a case surrounding his private corruptions that is separate from the charge of election law violation he faces in connection with 뱋nline posts critical of an opposition party candidate by NIS staff at the last presidential election.

Won was arrested on July 10 last year for the former case, and will be released from prison upon completing his term on September 9. However, if he is given a prison term for the charge of violating the act on civil servants election, for which lower court ruling will be issued on September 11, he may have to serve in the prison once again.

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