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Korean comedy show changes the name of sub-segment skit `Mansour`
JULY 22, 2014 03:34  
KBS2`s comedy program "Gag Concert" launched a new corner called "Mansour" on July 13 which was changed to "Uhksour" in just a week Sunday. The comedy skit centers on the massive wealth of Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the owner of Manchester City FC. Comedian Song Joong-geun starred Mansour and became popular.

However, after the program was aired, the program`s producers received an unexpected visit. An official at the Korea National Oil Corporation came to KBS building and delivered a message that using the real name Mansour, who is CEO of International Petroleum Investment Company and deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, is a discourtesy. Gag Concert said, "While the Mansour skit corner had not received any complaints from Mansour, the state company seems to have been preemptively anxious," adding, "The skit corner뭩 name itself was not that big of a deal for us, so we changed in to Uhksour, which is associated with `extremely hilarious in the Gyeongsang provincial dialect.

Mansour is younger brother of the president of the United Arab Emirates and this personal wealth amounts to 28 trillion won (27.25 billion U.S. dollars). The combined property of the Abu Dhabi family is known to be valued at over 1,000 trillion won (973 billion dollars). Online postings included, "He has everything, so is it a big issue to make a caricature out of him?" "Civil servants are again frightened," and "Who will star as his wife?"

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