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Special law on Sewol should be thoroughly prepared
JULY 17, 2014 07:28  
The leading Saenuri Party and the New Politics Alliance for Democracy agreed on special Sewol law Wednesday after negotiations that involved even the leaders of both parties, Kim Moo-sung and Ahn Cheol-soo, respectively. Floor leaders of both parties met with President Park Geun-hye a week ago and decided to arrange the special law Wednesday, but failed due to sharp conflicts. The breakthrough was made by the opposition party in the latest negotiation. New Politics Alliance for Democracy co-head Kim Han-gil withdrew his previous claim that investigation rights should be given to the Sewol fact-finding committee, which appears to be the right decision. In three months since the ferry sinking, the bill to investigate the issue is now ready to launch.

The Korean Bar Association, Lawyers for a Democratic Society and People`s Countermeasure Committee for Sewol Disaster jointly set up a petition for legislation, which demands the fact-finding committee to have rights for both investigation and accusation. Had this plan be executed the frame of Constitution or the judicial system could have been shaken. There has been no case of granting of investigation rights to fact-finding agencies, be it for mysterious death or anti-nationalism activity. The U.S. also didn`t give an investigation right to the September 11 terrorist attack fact-finding committee. Considering past cases or constitutionalism principle, it is realistic to strengthen investigation rights.

The Supreme Prosecutors` Offices of Incheon and Gwangju are making their utmost efforts to investigate corruption of the family of Yoo Byeong-eon who is the actual owner of ferry Sewol. However, prosecutors and police have yet to arrest Yoo, and they have no room for excuse. The prosecutors and police should promptly arrest Yoo and also endeavor to track property of Yoo family. Investigation should be carried out thoroughly and leave behind no suspicion so that no one calls for reinvestigation via a special prosecution.

Students at Ansan High School who are victims of the Sewol sinking marched down the street for two days to arrive the National Assembly building. They joined the families of bereaved on strike, which must have pressured both the leading and opposition parties. Both parties agreed on a broad direction, but should also examine what should be done more for the law. There are little conflicting opinions on clauses for compensation of Sewol victims, but there is a fairness issue compared with other men of national merit.

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