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Incumbent president attended ruling party뭩 national convention
JULY 15, 2014 04:13  
When President Park Geun-hye in a blouse with a red jacket appeared in Jamsil Gymnasium on Monday afternoon, audiences who filled the venue for the national convention of the ruling Saenuri Party cheered passionately. The audiences welcomed the incumbent president who attended the national convention for the first time in six years.

The party뭩 secretary general Yoon Sang-hyun said, 밣lease give a round of applause as a token of encouragement and gratitude to our president who works 24/7 only for the glory and development of the Republic of Korea and the happiness of the Korean people. Then, the audiences gave a standing ovation, shouting 밣ark Geun-hye, Park Geun-hye. President Park who was smiling stood up on the podium and waved her hands or gave a nod.

Referring to the tragic Sewol ferry accident of April 16, President Park said in a congratulatory remark, 밒t will be a crisis if drought reveals the river bed. But the crisis can be an opportunity to clean up piled garbage on the river bed. President Park showed her determination to remove deep-rooted problems and reform the country, saying, 밫he administration will start a reform to create a new Republic of Korea by launching the second Cabinet this week.

While President Park was making a congratulatory speech, audiences cheered and applauded for around 20 times. After the 20-minute long speech was over, President Park left the gymnasium, shaking hands with key party leaders and candidates in the national convention. President Park welcomed former Rep. Na Kyung-won who is running for a lawmaker in Dongjak B district of Seoul as the ruling party뭩 candidate.

Attendees filled all seats even up to the third floor and cheered enthusiastically for the convention. Supporters rooted for their candidates with props such as a handkerchief bearing their candidate뭩 name and balloons emblazoned with a number representing their candidate. Some supporters tried to secure a good seat by arriving in the venue even before the event began.

The party convention introduced candidates in a unique way. Candidates with signs bearing their slogan emerged in the spotlight from supporters on the second floor.

Many former and incumbent local government heads such as Busan Mayor Seo Byeong-soo, Jeju Province Governor Won Hee-ryong and former Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon-soo attended the party convention. Former National Assembly Speaker Park Hee-tae, former Rep. Chung Mong-joon, Senior Presidential Secretary for Political Affairs Cho Yoon-sun and the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy뭩 Secretary General Joo Seung-yong also attended. Justice Party`s floor leader Shim Sang-jung was also invited as a guest.

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