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Samsung launches `Galaxy Tab S` to boost earnings
JULY 11, 2014 04:57  
Samsung Electronics launched a slew of new products on Thursday from low-end to high-end smartphones as a move to recover sluggish earnings of the second quarter.

The product that Samsung puts the highest expectation is a premium tablet PC "Galaxy Tab S." Samsung뭩 newest tablet, first released in New York last month, got favorite reviews for its thin and light-weighted body and 2560 x 1600-pixel AMOLED display panel.

Galaxy Tab S is the first tablet PC with "S" following the premium smart phone "Galaxy S," Samsung뭩 flagship brand. The Tab S is equipped with many distinguished features. One function is "multi-window mode" that allows users to do multiple tasks with two split windows on one screen. "Multi-user mode" provides different log-in accounts for each user. Another eye-catching feature of Galaxy Tab S is fingerprint scanner, making the first tablet PC that comes with this function. 10.5 screen WiFi-only model is priced at 699,000 won (689.5 U.S. dollars) while 8.4 screen model is at 599,000 won (591 dollars).

Samsung Electronics also presented low-end curved UHD TV on the same day, following the low-end flat screen UHD TV launched in May. With this line up, Samsung aims to open an era of curved UHD TV popularization.

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