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Actor Jung Woo-sung is `man of July`
JULY 10, 2014 09:24  
The movie "God`s Trick" starred by Jung Woo-sung attracted 1 million viewers in four days since July 3 release. This is the fastest speed to attract 1 million viewers among movies released in the first half of this year. Movie industry sources had said the movie was a throw away card by its producer Showbox since it was betting on its ambitious film " KUNDO: Age of the Rampant" to be released on July 21, just a few weeks after "God`s Trick." Thanks to word of mouth, however, "God`s Trick" has amassed more than 1.49 million viewers as of Tuesday, six days since its release.

The better-than-expected performance has positioned Jung as an actor who excels in July. Among 18 movies he had starred, five including his debut film "The Fox with Nine Tails (1999)" were released in July and they received far better popularity than his other movies. Key examples are "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" in 2008 that attracted 6.7 million viewers and "Cold Eyes" in 2003 attracting 5.5 million people.

A movie sector source said, "Action movies dominate in summer time. This is proof that Jung is strong in action movies." Online postings include "It is not Jung`s God`s Trick, but Jung is God`s Trick," and "Jung has joined the ranks of a trustable brand name."

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