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Xi discusses joint history research with S. K. parliament speaker
JULY 05, 2014 03:26  
Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed with South Korean National Assembly Speaker Chung Ui-hwa the issue of setting up a joint history research committee involving the two countries and Japan during his visit to the parliament on Friday. The move is seen to be intended to put pressure on the Japanese government, which refuses to reflect upon Japan`s wartime atrocities.

During the meeting with the Chinese president, Chung proposed to establish the three-nation history research committee to promote exchanges of history perceptions among the countries and seek to publish common history textbooks. Chung stressed the importance of having common perception of regional history among the three Northeast Asian neighbors "for a bright future."

Xi positively responded to the proposal, saying that the committee would play active roles in establishing accurate history of the three countries. He also stressed that Seoul and Beijing share similar historical experiences and common interest in history issues involving Tokyo. Referring to the fact that China`s National People`s Congress and a delegation from South Korean parliament jointly urged Japan to apologize for its aggression and colonial rule, Xi cited an old Chinese saying that "an unforgotten past can become lessons for the future."

The joint statement adopted at the bilateral summit meeting on Thursday did not directly mention Japan`s moves to become military power and distort history. However, Xi`s call for Japan`s "accurate history perception" during the meeting with Chung is interpreted as an indirect expression of his discontent to Tokyo.

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