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Hate Practice
Brasilia is in fear of Argentinean soccer fans
JULY 04, 2014 05:21  
Brasilia is nervous as it will have a round of 8 match between Argentina and Belgium. Local news media including Folha de Sao Paulo said that around 70,000 Argentinean supporters will gather in the city. Argentinean supporters are famous for their passion. They are also infamous for singing loudly anywhere and anytime and not considering the other team. In this World Cup, they were caught up in several violent scuffles with fans from other countries. The Brazilian government plans to send around 3,600 policemen to prevent an accident that might happen in the upcoming match.

Brazil has a bad feeling about Argentina. Brazilian fans rooting for Iran in the match between Argentina and Iran on June 22 were beaten by a group of Argentinean fans. Many Brazilian soccer fans hope Argentina to drop out and come to see matches involving Argentina to root for the other team.

Brazilians supported Swiss fans in the round of 16 match between Argentina and Switzerland on Wednesday. Adebarsi Abu, a Sao Paulo citizen said, 밒 hate to see Argentina win on the Brazilian soil. I want it to drop out as soon as possible.

What Brazil is to Argentina is what Korea is to Japan. Brazil and Argentina hate each other. They had war over territorial disputes. As soccer is the most popular sport in both countries, they compete over soccer. Global media say, 밫he worst scenario in this World Cup is the victory of Argentina. If the two countries survive the tournament, they will face each other in the World Cup final.

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