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Great Mountains Music Festival to take place biannually
JULY 01, 2014 07:10  
The Great Mountains Music Festival, Korea뭩 largest feast of classical music, which takes place every summer, will also convene in the winter from 2016. Chung Myung-hwa, co-art director of the festival, told reporters at Millennium Hilton in Seoul on Monday, 밯e will hold the festival twice in summer and winter from 2016. Chung added, 밒t is part of preparatory work to hold the 2019 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang as a cultural Olympics.

This year뭩 Great Mountains Music Festival will take place at Alpensia Resort and elsewhere in Gangwon Province from July 15 to August 5. World-class musicians and rookie artists will be onstage en masse at the event. Under the theme 밢 Sole Mio, the festival will feature Italian and Spanish music this year.

"The Distinguished Artists Series," the main program of the festival, will be staged on a total of 12 occasions. At the show on July 24, Spanish dancer Belen Cabanes will perform energetic dance performance in tune with the rhythm of Luigi Rodolfo Boccherini뭩 guitar Quintet in D Major, which will be played by guitarist Xuefei Yang. The festival will also feature performances by violinists Shin A-ra and Clara-Jumi Kang, pianists Son Yeol-eum and Kim Da-sol, and violist Huang Hung-Wei and cellist Park Sang-min. Cathleen Kim, an emerging star soprano from New York뭩 Metropolitan Opera, and American mezzo-soprano Elizabeth DeShong will be onstage at Alpensia Music Tent on July 26.

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