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Hate Practice
Moon`s lecture distortion by KBS to be deliberated
JUNE 24, 2014 05:46  
The Korea Communications Standards Commission has decided to review the news broadcast by KBS that aroused controversy over Prime Minister-designate Moon Chang-keuk.

The commission said Monday, "We have decided to put this case up for consideration as KBS` news coverage on Moon is under suspicion of distorting the purpose of Moon`s overall remarks. We saw the need to examine whether KBS violated broadcasting`s duty to abide by fairness."

Under broadcasting review regulations Article 1, broadcasting should not distort truth and can`t mislead the facts by using editing techniques.

By selecting an excerpt from the video of Moon`s lecture at Onnuri Church in Seoul, KBS "News 9" reported on June 11, "Moon said Japan`s colonial rule of Korea and the division of South and North Korea are the will of God...Korean people are idle and lack sense of independence."

CGNTV, the broadcasting company operated by Onnuri Church, said Sunday, "KBS cut and pasted CGNTV`s video without permission to infringe intellectual property rights and significantly debase a person`s dignity," adding, "We will file criminal and civil suits if KBS does not delete the related video.

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