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Samsung releases Galaxy S5 LTE-A with better specs
JUNE 20, 2014 06:51  
Samsung Electronics has released Galaxy S5 LTA-A, the world뭩 first smartphone with LTE-A capabilities, on Thursday, about two months after the launch of Galaxy S5.

The biggest difference between Galaxy S and the latest smartphone is QHD display (25601440). A QHD panel is appropriate for super high definition videos as it is four times the resolution of a HD panel. Samsung said, 밆ownloading or streaming a QHD quality video requires a faster communications service. Galaxy S5 LTE-A is the right one as it provides LTE-A service. It upgraded the application processor, a brain equivalent of a smartphone, from Qualcomm뭩 Snapdragon 801 to the Snapdragon 805 to support LTE-A and a QHD display. It also increased the memory (RAM) to 3B from Galaxy S5`s 2GB.

The factory price of Galaxy S5 LTE-A is 940,500 won (923.87 U.S. dollars), up by 74,500 won (73.18 dollars) from Galaxy S (866,000 won or 850.69 dollars). LG Electronics new LTE-A smartphone to be launched at the end of next month will be priced higher than its G3 (899,800 won or 883.99 dollars). This seems to herald another era of high-end smartphones costing over 900,000 won (884.09 dollars).

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