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Hate Practice
Park reports the loss of his bag to get his wealth reporting form back
JUNE 20, 2014 04:26  
It turned out on Thursday that the 뱈oney bag which Rep. Park Sang-eun, 65, of the ruling Saenuri Party claims lost contained 30 million won in cash, his wealth reporting form and passport, and 27 documents including an overview of the government뭩 financial support to the five small islands near the maritime border of the two Koreas and meeting minutes on the competition in Incheon for the June 4 local elections.

Special investigators in charge of maritime corruption from Incheon Prosecutors Office analyze the documents discovered in Park뭩 bag. In particular, Park뭩 wealth reporting form could be a key clue that clarifies the suspicion of giving or taking illegal political funds. The prosecutors will closely look at how Park wrote his wealth status in the form and whether it contains any false information.

밨ep. Park panicked about losing documents in the bag rather than the money so that he reported it even to police, a person who used to his confidant said in a phone interview with the Dong-A Ilbo on Thursday, 밐e reported it to police although he knew that he would be mired in controversy if he reports that he has lost money. This means that the documents were that important. Rep. Park refuted, saying, 밒 got all documents returned except for money on Wednesday afternoon. A wealth reporting form is a form required to report a public official뭩 wealth and is open to the public. This is completely unrelated to the suspicion.

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