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Hate Practice
Mayor Park asks former competitor Chung to be Seoul`s advisor
JUNE 20, 2014 05:22  
Chung Mong-joon, a former lawmaker of the ruling Saenuri Party who competed in the June 4 local elections for Seoul mayor, met Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon in 15 days after the elections finished. Chung came to see Mayor Park in person only one day after the mayor said in a meeting with Seoul City Hall correspondents, 밒 called Chung right after the election, but he didn뭪 answer the phone.

Chung visited the mayor뭩 office on the sixth floor of the Seoul City Hall at around 10:25 a.m. Thursday. Park welcomed Chung outside his office and when Chung said with a bright face, 밅ongratulations, Park said, 밫hank you. They shook their hands.

Chung said, 밳ou gave me a call, but I do not often accept calls from unidentified numbers. If you send me a text message, I will call you back right away. Then, Park said, 밚et뭩 create a hotline.

In the 10-minute meeting, Park proposed Chung to be an advisor to the Seoul metropolitan government. Chung said, 밒 think you뭠l do a good job as the mayor of Seoul, the most important city in this country. I came here as a citizen to ask such favor. Park said, 밳ou had many pledges and I would like to listen carefully to you. I뭗 like to invite you as my advisor. But Chung did not give a clear answer. Park asked again, 밃re you taking the offer? but Chung said, 밶s a volunteer rather than an advisor뀛

During the conversation, Park called Chung, 밠r. Chung, my advisor, and Chung said, 밃n advisor sounds pretty old. Since I am older than you, what about calling me political senior? Park instantly called him, 밅hung, my senior.

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