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Hate Practice
Funeral is held for a ferry victim family in 53 days
JUNE 09, 2014 03:14  
The portraits of his father, brother, and mother were placed side by side at the funeral home of Severance Hospital in Shinchon, Seoul, on Sunday. In the entrance was a family picture in which his mom and brother were holding hands and smiling. The chief mourner was a seven-year-old boy, Cho Yo-sep. The white shirt that he borrowed from the funeral home was too big for the little boy. He ran around among the mourners with his elementary school cousin. When adults were wearing suits in the morning, he asked, 밃re we going to a wedding? He believed what adults said his mother, father and brother went to a 밷etter place.

The funeral parlor for his father Cho Chung-hwan, 44, his mother Ji Hye-jin, 44, and his brother, Cho Ji-hwan, 11, who died in the sunken ferry Sewol was prepared on Saturday, 53 days after the accident. After his father뭩 body was finally found on June 5, all of his family gathered in one place. The bodies of his brother and mother were found and moved from Jindo, South Jeolla Province, in April, and had been stored in the mortuary of Severance Hospital. Ji Seong-jin, 47, the boy뭩 uncle, said, 밒 didn뭪 know how long I should leave my sister and nephew in the cold mortuary if I fail to find my brother-in-law뭩 body. Now, I thank for finding him.

The boy뭩 family was on a family trip along with his father who was going on a business trip to Jeju Island. He was saved from the disaster as he got out of the passengers room where his family was staying, and was playing near the deck alone after having breakfast.

The funeral parlor was calm. Relatives who had stayed in Jindo for a long time welcomed mourners. Reporters and government officials who shared their suffering in Jindo visited to express their condolences. The relatives who waited for almost two months after the tragic accident thanked for finding the bodies of their family. Ji said, 밒 was able to leave Jindo finally after finding my brother-in-law. When leaving for Seoul, I thanked Kim Seok-gyun, head of the National Coast Guard. He shed tears, saying, 멮ou뭨e the first one who says so.뮅 Ji added, 밨ather than blaming somebody, I want to let my sister뭩 family go peacefully. Yo-sep doesn뭪 understand what death is, but he will know it as time passes by.

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