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Hate Practice
N.K. calls 멚im Kwan-jin Class A criminal`
JUNE 05, 2014 04:22  
Commenting on the new chief of the presidential national security office, Kim Kwan-jin, on Wednesday, North Korea called (Kim) Class A criminal who is responsible for the Sewol tragedy, and blasted South Korea, saying, 밫here will be no improvement in inter-Korean ties. Pyongyang뭩 first response to Seoul뭩 appointment of Kim was mostly criticism, which was expected. The North뭩 Korean Central News Agency said in a commentary on the day, (With the appointment of Kim), the situation on the Korean Peninsula will further deteriorate. Park Geun-hye will have to take full responsibility for aftereffects (results) to be wrought by her appointment of the malign lunatic for confrontation as her national security chief. The news agency also blasted Kim by calling him, 뱎ro-America, toadying traitor and 밷etrayer of the (Korean) people.

The North even claimed that after the sinking of the Sewol tragedy (Kim) did not deploy rescue equipment for disasters, and diving gears needed to save lives during the rescue operation. The North뭩 propaganda website targeting the South 밬riminzokkiri also criticized President Park뭩 appointment of Kim, saying 밣ark Geun-hye revealed hidden intention to more fanatically stage confrontations between the two Koreas and scheme to start war.

The North already showed sense of strong hostility towards Kim, and criticized him while Kim was serving as the defense minister. People in and outside South Korean government expressed concern that 밅hannels for high-level talks between the South뭩 national security office and the North뭩 National Defense Commission, which generated agreement on reunions on separated families, will likely face bumpy road ahead, while others predict, 밫he North Korean authority will have no choice but to use Kim Kwan-jin as its counterpart for negotiations in the end.

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