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Tokyo to accept N. Korean officials` visit to Japan upon request
JUNE 03, 2014 05:15  
As for the reinvestigation of North Korea뭩 abduction of Japanese citizens, Japan뭩 Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga who is the government뭩 top spokesperson said on Monday, 밒f necessary, the government will of course accept it (meaning North Korean official뭩 visit to Japan). As the North is also positive about visiting Japan, North Koreans are likely to enter Japan for the first time since July 2006 when Tokyo banned North Korean officials from entering Japan in the wake of the North뭩 missile launches.

To the question over North Korean officials visit to Japan, Secretary Suga said on a regular press conference on Monday morning, 밒 don뭪 know about it but if it is necessary for the re-investigation of the abduction issue and 몊pecially designated missing persons, the government will accept it.

When asked 밆o you have any intention to visit Japan?, Song Il Ho, North Korea뭩 ambassador responsible for bringing the bilateral relationship between North Korea and Japan back to normal, said at Beijing Capital International Airport, 밯e have never rejected Japan뭩 offer so far. This means North Korean officials might go to Japan upon the request of the Japanese government.

Kyodo News said on Monday, 밃s the special investigation committee probing Japanese abductees is slated to be set up in the mid-June, the Japanese government expects that North Korean officials visit (to Japan) could happen in June.

To Japan`s claim that the North Korean ferry Mangyongbong will continue to be banned to enter into Japanese ports, Song said, 밪ince it is an international ship on a humanitarian mission, we will discuss it with Japan afterwards.

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