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Hate Practice
Yoo뭩 hiding is a challenge against society, says Pres. Park
MAY 28, 2014 01:35  
President Park Geun-hye called the hiding of former Semo Group Chairman Yoo Byeong-eon a 밹hallenge against our society, and ordered his prompt arrest. As the Yoo family, the real owner of Cheonghaejin Marine whose sunken ferry claimed lives, has been hiding for more than a month, infuriating the public, President Park urged in person their immediate arrest.

Presiding over a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Park made the instruction, saying, 밫he Yoo Byeong-eon family who is the fundamental cause for the Sewol disaster should reflect upon them before the people and disclose all the truth. They have been ridiculing law, causing anger to the entire public. Park called the escape and hiding of the Yoo family 밶n act of crime that could never be supported or endorsed for any cause, adding, 밫he law enforcement authorities are urged to do their best to promptly arrest, disclose the realty and clarify suspicions, and take legal actions.

Prosecutors are zeroing in on the scope of their search to catch Yoo into the village of Hakgu in Suncheon City of South Jeolla Province, which is the place where Yoo is believed to be hiding. Having found circumstantial evidence that he has been making thorough preparation to run away since April 29 by instructing followers of the heathen Salvation sect or Guwon-pa to repair his hiding place, prosecutors are searching buildings and land owned by the Guwon-pa, which are scattered across the nation.

The special investigation team of the Incheon District Public Prosecutors Office has applied for arrest warrants for four people including a man identified by his last name Han, who are suspected of helping Yoo뭩 escape.

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