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N. Korea covers up building collapse site with camouflage nets
MAY 22, 2014 05:37  
The 23-story apartment building in Pyongyang that collapsed last week was located Wednesday. It has been learned that North Korea offered an apology to local residents for the disaster at a different location, while covering up the site of the accident with camouflage nets.

"Satellite imagery shows that the collapsed apartment building is a high-riser near east of a green hill in Ansan 1-dong, Pyongchon District in Pyongyang," a well-informed source on North Korea said. "It is located south of a pink building in the apology photo that was released by North Korea."

According to a North Korea information website run by South Korea`s Ministry of Unification (2013) and Google Earth`s satellite imagery (April 14, 2014), the collapsed building is about 30 meters south of the pink one in the photo. There is another building between the two. Considering that two lower buildings were right next to the collapsed building, it is possible that the lower ones were damaged by the collapse.

A South Korean government official said, "We wondered how the North was able to complete rescue and maintenance work on last Saturday, just four days after the collapse. It has been confirmed that the North covered up the site with camouflage nets."

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