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Seoul city to subsidize installation of solar power facility
MAY 19, 2014 06:54  
The Seoul metropolitan government has decided to provide subsidies worth up to 300,000 won (293 US dollars) per household to support installation of 몀ini solar power generation facility that can be installed at the terrace in apartments. Given that such facility costs 600,000 won (585 dollars) per unit, the city government is effectively providing half of the installation cost.

The city government said the installation of 250 watt-minute solar power system will allow the household to generate electricity enough to power two-door, 900뻦iter refrigerator (about 292 kWh) throughout the year, and save 13,310 won (12.99 dollars) in monthly utility fee on average.

Only residents of apartment units with the terrace directed towards the south can apply for the subsidy. If more than 30 households in an apartment complex collectively apply for the subsidy, the complex can be designated as 멷nergy self-sufficient village, and apartment complexes that already excel in energy saving campaigns are preferentially eligible for the benefit. Households that apply this time are entitled to free repair of the facility for five years. Application should be made to district offices by June 20.

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