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Samsung vows to compensate staffs over cancer claims
MAY 15, 2014 07:12  
Discussions will likely accelerate on how to compensate employees with leukemia who are suspected as having suffered industrial accidents at Samsung Electronics semiconductor plant, a case that has been in dispute for over seven years.

Samsung Electronics on Wednesday made an apology to people and families who are suffering from or died of hard-to-cure diseases including leukemia while working at the company뭩 semiconductor plant, and vowed to duly compensate.

Kwon Oh-hyeon, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, held a press conference at its headquarters in southern Seoul on the day. 밯e are deeply sorry (for the issue), and want to make a sincere apology, Kwon said. 밯e will proactively accept the suggestion made on April 9 by employees and their families, Banollim, a coalition find the truth behind mass development of leukemia at Samsung semiconductors plant and to secure basic labor right and Rep. Shim Sang-jeong of the Justice Party, and make proper compensation.

밯e will help establish a third-party arbitration organization that is fair and objective, and if the organization decides on compensation standards and selection of victims eligible for compensation, we will accept, Kwon said. 밯e will also have an independent professional agency conduct diagnosis on safety and health management situation at the semiconductor plant, and devise measures to prevent recurrence. This move means that the electronics giant effectively accepts all the requests, including an official apology, proper compensation to victims and their families, and preparation and implementation of measures to prevent recurrence, that were proposed by the employees, their families, Banollim and Rep. Shim. It is also the first time that Samsung has officially disclosed its stance on the matter, and apologized.

People in and outside Samsung Electronics say that although detailed matters will need to be coordinated and adjusted further, the two sides have clearly come up with a turning point to resolve the issue. Analysts say that it would be worth having positive expectations about the formation of the arbitration organization, which was proposed by Rep. Shim in April.

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