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U.S. says it closely consults with S. Korea over N. Korea`s imminent nuke test
MAY 10, 2014 06:34  
The U.S. government said Thursday (local time) that it is concerned about instability on the Korean Peninsula that could be caused by North Korea`s fourth nuclear test and have close consultations with South Korea.

State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters at the Foreign Press Center in Washington that the U.S. sympathizes with South Korea`s concerns over instability on the peninsula that could be brought about by North Korea`s provocative and crisis-promoting measures. She added that U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are having plenty of dialogue with South Korea.

She noted that undoubtedly, Washington does not want the North to conduct a nuclear or missile test, urging Pyongyang not to do additional acts of provocation. She stressed that the U.S. will immediately respond in the event of a North Korean provocation.

Commenting on North Korean state media`s racist reference to Obama as "a crossbreed," "a clown," and "a wicked black monkey," she called the rhetoric "disgusting." She noted that it was "offensive" for a leader of a country, which is cut off from the outside world and whose people are starved to death, use such language to denounce the U.S.

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