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Two books published to commemorate former President Roh
APRIL 28, 2014 07:38  
Ahead of the fifth anniversary of the passing of former President Roh Moo-hyun, two books were published on last Wednesday in commemoration of the late president: 밠iss Him, which contains writings of 22 people on the late president, including that of former Health and Welfare Minister Rhyu Si-min, and 밨ecords written by Yun Tae-yeong, the late president뭩 closest secretary who was dubbed as the 뱒hadow of the president.

밠iss Him includes writings of not just dignitaries such as poet Shin Kyung-rim, historian Lee E-hwa, law professor Cho Kuk, literary critic Jeong Yeo-ul, but also ordinary people such as the late president뭩 barber Jeong Joo-yeong and former head chef of the presidential office Shin Chung-jin. A mini album with three songs including the one sung by singer Jo Kwan-woo is also enclosed.

In 밨ecords, Yun who worked with the former president for eight years, from when the president was a presidential candidate and was in charge of recording the president뭩 remarks and comments, writes about the humane aspect of the late president. The book describes the late president as a person who was not very good at remembering people뭩 names, but thoroughly took care of working-level matters and details and continuously agonized over ideals and reality.

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