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Park asks China to dissuade N. Korea from nuclear test
APRIL 24, 2014 05:23  
South Korean President Park Geun-hye asked Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday to make additional efforts to dissuade North Korea from carrying out a fourth nuclear test.

"North Korea`s additional nuclear test could fundamentally change the security landscape in Northeast Asia as it would spark a regional arms race and a nuclear domino effect," she said in a phone conversation with Xi.

She also noted that another nuclear test by the North would send efforts to resume the six-party talks down the drain and undermine South Korea`s Korean Peninsula trust process and efforts to improve relations with the North.

Xi told Park that preventing escalation of tensions on the peninsula would serve the interest of both Seoul and Beijing, adding China is doing its best to persuade Pyongyang and help maintain peace and stability on the peninsula. He also stressed that China and South Korea have the same position on opposing a nuclear North Korea.

Separately, the Chinese president offered his condolences over last week`s sinking of a South Korean ferry, offering to provide Seoul with rescue equipment.

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