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Senior politician criticizes possible conflicts over nomination shares
APRIL 18, 2014 04:11  
밫he New Politics Alliance for Democracy is losing the original resolution for its founding. Causing internal embroilment due to conflicting interests among factions and making comments that do not reflect public sentiments will make (the party) not just lose the local elections but also fail in achieving new politics.

This comment regarding the issue of candidate nominations by Jeong Gyun-hwan, a supreme council member of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy, is drawing attention. Jeong, an experienced politician who served as a lawmaker four times, criticized the party with regard to its way of dealing with the political hot potato. In a phone interview with DongA Ilbo on Thursday, he pointed out that 뱓he process of candidate nomination is at the risk of disappointing the people because of the stake issue, with regard to the controversy over party co-chairman Ahn Cheol-soo뭩 intention for the Gwangju mayoral primary. He also said, 밒f the Democratic Party and Ahn뭩 party do not unite together and divide nomination shares among factions from the candidate nomination stage, all of them will die The two co-chairmen should declare 몋here will be no division of shares.뮅

Jeong also urged the party뭩 floor leadership to swiftly process bills related to people뭩 livelihood and economy, such as the bill on the basic pension. He said, 밢nly confronting the Park Geun-hye administration will obstruct the party looking after the people If it is not an anti-democratization bill, (the party) should compromise risking some losses, and it also process bills related to people뭩 livelihood actively.

As for Rep. Jung Cheong-rae who raised controversies by saying that 뱓he unmanned aerial vehicles are very unlikely from North Korea, he denounced his comment by saying that 뱎oliticians should be careful about their comments until they secure compelling evidence and speaking on important matters carelessly is the politics of status quo. He stressed that 뱈aking such reckless comments that the Korean people cannot not agree on ahead of the elections will cause (party뭩) division in front of the enemy.

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