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Amazon to launch 3D smartphone in September
APRIL 14, 2014 03:30  
Amazon, the world뭩 largest online retailer, is now targeting the smartphone market following the online streaming service.

The Wall Street Journal said on Friday (local time) that Amazon hopes to distinguish its phone from other smartphone makers such as Samsung Electronics and Apple with a screen capable of making some images appear to 3-D (similar to a hologram), and release it by the end of June. It plans to showcase the new product in early July and start shipping phones by the end of September. The retailer has been demonstrating its versions of the handset to developers in San Francisco and Seattle in recent weeks.

It is said that the phone would employ retina-tracking technology to make same images appear to be a hologram without wearing 3-D glasses. The patent of embedded four cameras was reported by the U.S. media last year.

People have mixed views over the online retailer뭩 entry into the smartphone market, which has been long rumored. More people tend to think that it is not easy to pioneer the smartphone market, which was dominated by Samsung and Apple. Given that Amazon is the biggest online retailer, however, some believe it could threaten existing smartphone makers with its various online sales strategies. It is unknown if Amazon will produce phones or let a third party maker to produce them.

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