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Ahn may overturn his determination on candidate nomination
APRIL 09, 2014 00:34  
About 50 days to the June 4 local elections, the New Politics Alliance for Democracy has decided that it would re-discuss its decision on the abolition of the candidate nomination system for lower-level administration chiefs and councilors.

Co-chairmen of the party Ahn Cheol-soo and Kim Han-gil stated in the press conference held on Tuesday that they would 밶sk for the opinions of party members and the Korean people on whether to give up on candidate nomination and follow the results. The survey will be conducted with party members and ordinary citizens respectively and each result will be equally incorporated into the final decision. According to the results, the abolition of the candidate nomination system, which was the main driver for the coalition and has served as the basis for Ahn뭩 leadership, may be overturned. It is said that Ahn has even hinted that he might step down from the chairmanship if the pledge of giving up the candidate nomination system is rejected. For sure, the new coalition party is at a crossroads.

Ahn said in the press conference, 밠y principle and belief that pledges with the people should be kept is unwavering Nevertheless, no principle or belief can be more important than the people and party members. (I뭠l) take the path of reforms that the people and party members want. Regarding the president뭩 official refusal of his request for a meeting on the candidate nomination issues, he denounced the president by saying, 밒t feels as if a person who set fire to a field just tells people to take care of it by themselves.

Ahn also called for people뭩 support for the abolition. 밒 have no doubt that the people and party members will gladly support the politics, which will rebuild the basics and keep its words, regardless of the advantages or disadvantages in the election, said Ahn.

Lee Seok-hyun, the party뭩 five-term lawmaker, has been appointed as a chair of the committee for the party vote and opinion poll management. Because of this move, it has become inevitable to adjust the strategy of structuring this election as a confrontation between 뱎romise and 뱇ie. Some party members argue that the party뭩 election strategies should be revised overall.

Regarding the matter, Ham Jin-gyu, a spokesman for the ruling Saenuri Party, said, 밃 missing chance is regrettable, but it is fortunate in a way (They) have said only abolishing the candidate nomination system can be a foundation of new politics and even launched a coalition party based on it. However, it is regrettable that they do not reflect on such flip-flopping.

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