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Hate Practice
An elderly stalker
APRIL 09, 2014 00:42  
In F. Scott Fitzgerald뭩 밫he Great Gatsby, Gatsby cannot give up his first love Daisy. His first love Daisy gets married to a rich man while he was away for war. To win his lover back, he does anything that he can do to make money, and finally gets a luxurious house that overlooks Daisy뭩 house. The life of Gatsby who gives up everything for love is the crystal of romance and purity.

Miss Gong believes 밚ittle strokes fell great oaks. One day, she finds her Mr. Right. She obtains his datebook and shows up everywhere he goes. She gets into trouble when he learns that she intentionally appeared to him. Eventually, she wins love. This is the plot of 밢h! Happy Day (2003) and the lead actress is performed by Jang Nara as a 밹ute stalker.

The reality is different to a novel or a movie. A person뭩 excessive obsession over someone who does not like the person often leads to a creepy stalking crime. Recently, a student who sent some 100,000 text messages and KakaoTalk messages such as 밒뭠l throw hydrochloric acid into your face to a female student who rejected him for two months. Stalking does not happen only among young people. In Japan, an 85-year-old man bullied a 79-year-old woman, saying, 밒뭠l kill you if you don뭪 meet me, and he was eventually arrested by police. The 밻lderly stalker was the husband of a female patient who used the same hospital room with the old lady five years ago. One-sided affection and love turn into a scary obsession, and a nice gentleman into a dreadful assailant.

Japan뭩 National Police Agency said 9.1 percent of 21,089 stalking offences in Japan last year were committed by those aged 60 years or over. Tomomi Fujiwara, an author who studied the crime committed by the elderly, says, 밫he violence of the elderly is the scream of solitude, alienation and isolation. Aging Korea is no exception. It is sad that the desire of human beings does not easily disappear when they get old.

Editorial Writer Koh Mi-seok (mskoh119@donga.com)

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