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밫he Avengers: Age of Ultron filmed in Seoul뭩 Gangnam
APRIL 07, 2014 03:03  
Seoul뭩 Gangnam has turned into a movie set on Sunday. Avid fans arrived early to watch the filming of 밫he Avengers 2, which started at 4:30 a.m. Young people, foreigners, and families watched the filming. Choi Dong-hoon, 14-year-old fan of The Avengers, said, 밒 was so excited that I couldn뭪 sleep well. I really want to see the lead actor and get his autograph.

Fans took the window seats of coffee shops overlooking the Gangnam Street from early Sunday morning. The coffee shops in the area opened at 4 a.m. to welcome customers who want to see the filming of the movie. Jeong Yeong-ho, 44, who runs a coffee shop on a third floor of a building in the area, said, 밒 usually close the shop on Sundays, but I opened my shop today because I thought many people would come to see the filming. The revenue has jumped to more than double the usual revenue. Jeong Jeong-eun, 34, who runs an ice cream shop near the street, said, 밒 wasn뭪 sure that customers would come at all early in the morning, but now there are no seats available. The Avengers is a boon to those who run a business here.

A rehearsal for a chase scene started on the street as the sun rose. Motorcycles were filmed in an ally where there were many restaurants. People took out their phone to take pictures. Kim Dong-hyeon, 37, who came to the place with his six-year-old son, said, 밎angnam is better than Mapo Bridge since I can get closer to the scene.

The film production company was particularly careful not to cause any conflict with citizens. When it tried to discourage people from taking pictures, it said, 밯e have to film the scene again if the scene includes people taking pictures with mobile phones. Staff뭩 walkie-talkies kept saying, 밆on뭪 cause a conflict with citizens. Some foreign staff readily got pictures taken with citizens.

The filming place was like a festival at a downtown. Although most lead actors in The Avengers were absent and the motorcycle scenes were repeated, people showed interest in the Hollywood blockbuster that was filmed in Seoul. Some people in movie costumes such as Spider-Man and Iron Man drew attention. The filming ended at around 2:40 p.m. Some buses had to detour, but the event did not cause any traffic congestion or conflict.

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