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Natalia Poklonskaya: `Crimean goddess` or `Putin뭩 puppet`
MARCH 31, 2014 02:28  
Crimea뭩 photogenic new attorney general has become a global celebrity. A video clip of the first press conference with Natalia Poklonskaya, the region뭩 new attorney general, has been viewed for more than 1.7 million times. Her beautiful young face like a fairy in a blue uniform, glamorous blond hair, and big eyes became sensational as she is called an 밶nime (Japanese animation) heroine or a 밷attle-ready heroine (BBC). After Japanese Internet users, calling her 뱆awaii (cute in Japanese), posted dozens of anime-style fan art pieces on the web, they spread instantly through Twitter.

Before her appointment as Crimea`s attorney general on March 11, the 33-year-old worked as a senior lawyer at the Ukrainian Prosecutor General`s Office, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev for 12 years. To the opposition party뭩 protesters who kicked out former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Feb. 25, she said that she`s embarrassed to live in a country where gangs walk freely on the street. She resigned and returned to Crimea, her hometown. After being promoted to the top position in the prosecutors office in Crimea, she said in her first press conference, targeting to the opposition protesters that the anti-constitutional coup is propagating Nazism. Recently, the young prosecutor general announced that she will investigate the Ukrainian government`s oppression of the 밄erkut, an elite military unit under the former Interior Ministry.

Poklonskaya뭩 popularity, which started in Japan, is surging in Russia and Europe. A Russian composer uploaded a song 밅ute Natasha, imploring her, 밣lease accuse me. Please investigate me. When the Ukrainian government put her on the 뱖anted list for treason and plotting the usurpation of power on Thursday, Internet users said in parody, 밒 put her who is in my heart on my wanted list. 밎4U, a game company, said it will release a game with her character as a heroine.

Some say that the nomination of a young prosecutor general is Russian President Vladimir Putin뭩 political gimmick. According to them, Russia, which is under fire for the annexation of Crimea, uses the beautiful woman to alleviate criticism.

In fact, the strategy is working. An Internet user said, 밒 don뭪 know what Putin is doing in Ukraine, but I support her absolutely. Others added a thread, 밫he war has become inevitable to me. Let뭩 go to Crimea! A British blogger said, 밪he is not a porn star but a veteran politician. A beautiful face does not address the horribly tragic situation in Ukraine. Even Poklonskaya뭩 fake account was created on Facebook.

The Financial Times said, 밒t is unfolding in the age of Paris Hilton, instant celebrity. It is moving into a weird direction.

Poklonskaya seems surprised to the popularity. In an interview with NTV, a Russian channel, she said that she뭩 never used a social media and she didn뭪 know what뭩 happening on the Internet, adding that she뭩 not a Pokmon and she wants to be recognized for what she does as an attorney general who is in charge of the biggest international conflict.

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