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``Peace can be gained along with strong national security,` Park says
MARCH 27, 2014 02:20  
South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Wednesday, "Peace that is not supported by strong national security will be a `house built on the sand.`"

In a message sent during her visit to Germany to a memorial ceremony marking the fourth anniversary of the Cheonan warship sinking by a North Korean torpedo attack that killed 46 South Korean sailors on board, the president stressed national security. "We must inscribe the lessons from the attack on the Cheonan deep in our minds in order not to repeat the sad sacrifices." Park Sung-choon, minister of Patriots` and Veterans` Affairs, read the message on the president`s behalf.

"We need a solid basis of national defense to build the foundation for inter-Korean trust and pave the way for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula," the president said in the message. She also urged the South Korean military to preempt North Korean provocations and sternly retaliate them if they occur. She also expressed her determination for reunification by saying that the fallen soldiers` spirit of sacrifices will "shine further" when the two Koreas open a new era of freedom and prosperity together.

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