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Hate Practice
Leaders of coalition party hold first press conference
MARCH 10, 2014 08:11  
The first press conference jointly held by Democratic Party Chairman Rep. Kim Han-gil and Ahn Cheol-soo, the chairman of the New Politics Promotion Committee, on Sunday at the National Assembly was distracted from the beginning.

The placard prepared by the main opposition Democratic Party that says 뱒py fabrication by the National Intelligence Service became a problem. The phrase was immediately revised to 밻vidence fabrication by the National Intelligence Service. Because of the commotion, however, the entrance of Kim and Ahn had to be made later than scheduled.

The audience started being stirred up as the conference was delayed for over 10 minutes. Meanwhile, a staff member뭩 replacing the word 뱒py to 밻vidence on the placard was broadcast live.

Democratic Party Rep. Byun Jae-ill said, 밫he revision of the placard represents that (the party) does not deny the possibility that Yoo Woo-sung is a spy, adding, (the revision) was made not to provide any unnecessary reason for an attack by the Saenuri Party. It is said that the revision was requested by the New Politics Promotion Committee. This sends a signal that the coalition, which can be described as 밹hemical fusion, will not be easily achieved.

In the press conference, Kim and Ahn urged the medical community to refrain from shutting doors and refusing treating patients, saying, 밡either causes nor justifiable demands can precede the health and life of patients. They proposed the establishment of 밶 consultative body for the reinforcement of the public nature of medical services and improvement of medical system that includes both the ruling and opposition parties and the government, in order to solve the issue.

With regard to the spy scandal involving a public servant of the Seoul city government, the two leaders urged the adoption of special prosecution once more.

밫he intelligence agency뭩 evidence fabrication has damaged the fundamental basis for people뭩 confidence in judicial order, and resulted in considerable instability in foreign relations as well as national security, said Kim and Ahn. 밒t is hard to understand why the president is taking such an irresponsible attitude in a situation where the (Korea뭩) prosecutors office is being criticized by a foreign government for submitting fabricated documents as evident. They urged the president to 뱓ake a decisive action now to prevent the reoccurrence of such an event.

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